Electrical Receptacle

Bladed Type, Grounded (Symbol 1215)


Consists of polycarbonate body, cap assembly, neoprene packing, Nylon washers and polycarbonate receptacle tip assembly.

Part # Symbol Amps Volts
480-7948 M2726/73
1215 15A 125V

Mating Plug: MIL-R-2726/38-001

Select Packing Assembly to Suit Cable Diameter

Cable Dia. Bushing
"D" Hole
Packing Assy. Part #
.400-.440 .415 M2726/50-004-1
.440-.520 .470 M2726/50-004-2
.520-.560 .550 M2726/50-004-3

Intended Use

Shipboard, on weatherdecks or in high moisture environments below decks, for maintaining watertight seal when used in a cable extension assembly with plug connector, M2726/38-001 in accordance with MIL-R-2726/38.

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