Electrical Plug

Bladed Type, Grounded (Symbol 1218.3)


Consists of polycarbonate body, retainer cap, neoprene packing, Nylon washers and polycarbonate plug tip assembly.

Part # Symbol Ampere Rating Voltage Rating
220-2213 M2726/38-001 1218.3 15A 125V

Mating Receptacle: MIL-R-2726/37-001, MIL-R-2726/39-001, MIL-R-2726/73-001

Select Packing Assembly to Suit Cable Diameter

Cable Dia. Bushing
"D" Hole
Packing Assy. Part #
.400-.440 .415 M2726/50-004-1
.440-.520 .470 M2726/50-004-2
.520-.560 .550 M2726/50-004-3

Intended Use

Shipboard, for portable tools, test equipment and batter charging units on radar platforms, open bridegs or weatherdeacks. Normally used with watertieght receptacles but will fit nonwatertight receptacles in accordance with MIL-R-2726/40, MIL-R-2726/43, MIL-R-2726/51, MIL-R-2726/66 and MIL-R-2726/69

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