Military Specification Sheet

(B) Receptacle, Electrical, 15-Ampere, 125-Volts, Bladed Type, Grounded (Portable)
(Symbol No. 1215)

This specification is approved for use by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Department of the Navy, and is available for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense.

The requirements for acquiring the product described herein shall consist of this specification and the latest issue of MIL-R-2726.

3 July 1986
1 March 1972


  1. Dimensions are in inches. Unless otherwise specified, tolerances are +/- 1/64 inch for fractions

FIGURE 1. Receptacle assembly.

(B) denotes changes.

FIGURE 2. Instruction sheet.


  1. Dimensions and configuration: See figures 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Effectiveness of enclosure: Watertight in accordance with MIL-STD-108.
  3. Strain relief: 30 pounds.
  4. Material:
    Receptacle body and end cap – molded polycarbonate (yellow) in accordance with L-P-393; Receptacle tip assembly (contact insulation) shall be molded polycarbonate (yellow) in accordance with L-P-393 or type MAI-60 (yellow) in accordance with MIL-M-14. Contact material shall be phosphor b nze in accordance with QQ-B-750.
  5. Receptacle: Contact arrangement shall conform to W-C-596/11-1. The ground contact shall be nickel-plated, 0.0003 inch thick.
  6. Cable securing cap: MIL-S-19622/10-0002, except color shall be yellow and material may be polycarbonate, if desired.
  7. Terminals shall be furnished with wire retainers and binding head screws. Ground screw shall be hexagonal head and shall be finished in a distinctive green color. Ground contact shall be nickel-plated.
  8. Packing assemblies: MIL-R-2726/50-004-1, MIL-R-2726/50-004-2 and MIL-R-2726/50-004-3 shall be furnished. User shall select size that most nearly fits the cable as shown on figure 2.
  9. Mating plug: MIL-R-2726/38-001 (not furnished).
  10. Test cables: Type C0-03H0F (3/16) in accordance with MIL-C-3432 - use with M2726/50-004-1 (not furnished).
    In accordance with MIL-C-24643 and MIL-C-24643/3 - use with M2726/50-004-2 (not furnished).
    Type CO-03H0F (3/14) in accordance with MIL-C-3432 - use with M2726/50-004-03 (not furnished).
  11. Design: Receptacle tip assembly shall be threaded into receptacle body. Barriers shall be molded integral with receptacle tip and shall extend 1/8 minimum above contacts. End of receptacle body shall be flat for effective watertight seal against gasket of mating receptacle plug.
  12. Instruction sheet: An instruction sheet, (on paper 4 by 6 inches) with the information as shown on figure 2 shall be furnished with each receptacle.
  13. Safety cable: MS17339-2, looped around neck of receptacle body and crimped to prevent removal.
  14. Cap assembly: In accordance with MIL-R-2726/37.
  15. Intended use: Shipboard, on weatherdecks or in high moisture environments below decks, for maintaining watertight seal when used in a cable extension assembly with plug connector, M2726/38-001 in accordance with MIL-R-2726/38..
  16. Electrical rating: 15-amperes, 125-volt, alternating current, 60-hertz.
  17. Tests: The shock and vibration tests required by MIL-R-2726 are not required for the receptacle coverd by this specification.
  18. Part number: M2726/73-0001 .


Quality assurance shall be as specified in MIL-R-2726 and table I herein. The first article and quality conformance inspections shall consist of the inspections as specified in table 1, in the order shown .

TABLE I. First article and quality conformance inspection.
Inspection Requirement Test method First
Examination 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 4.6.1 X X
Insulation resistance 3.5.1 4.7.1 X X
Dielectric withstanding voltage 3.5.2 4.7.2 X X
Contact resistance X X
Endurance 3.5.5 4.7.5 X  
Salt spray 3.5.11 4.7.11 X  
Contact resistance X  
Current load 3.5.12 4.7.12 X  
Vibration 3.5.9 4.7.9 X  
Shock 3.5.10 4.7.10 X  
Effectiveness of enclosure 3.5.4 4.7.4 X X
Dielectric withstanding voltage 3.5.2 4.7.2 X  
Rockwell hardness 3.5.14 4.7.14 X  


FSC 5935


Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited


Preparing activity: Navy - SH (Project 5935-N255-74)

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