Military Specification Sheet

Receptacle, Plug, Electrical, 10-Ampere, 125-Volt, Double Pole, Male (Symbol No. 729.1)

This specification is approved for use by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Department of the Navy, and is available for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense.

The requirements for acquiring the product described herein shall consist of this specification and the latest issue of MIL-R-2726.

3 July 1986
30 June 1967


  1. Dimensions are in inches. Unless otherwise specified, tolerances are +/- 1/64 inch for fractions and +/- 0.005 inch for decimals. Angular tolerance is +/- 1/2 degree.
  2. Supersedes: Drawing 9000-S6202-73481, symbol 729.

FIGURE 1. Dimensions and configuration.

(A) denotes changes.


  1. Dimensions and configuration: See figure 1.
  2. Contact resistance: When tested as specified in 4.7.3 of MIL-R-2726, the voltage drop shall not exceed 10 millivolts. Measured between the connection stud of the plug and the connection stud of the test receptacle.
  3. Uncoupling force: Minimum of 10 pounds.
  4. Strain relief: 20 pounds.
  5. H. I. shock: Disengagement of the plug from its test receptacle under H. I. shock shall not be considered as a failure.
  6. Ball drop: Applicable if body material is plastic.
  7. Contact hardness: Minimum of Rockwell 76B.
  8. Mating receptacle: MIL-R-2726/32-001 (not furnished).
  9. Design: Requirements for single pole plug and plug body in accordance with MIL-R-2726 are applicable. Polarity signs shall be molded or engraved on both front and back sides of the plug body.
  10. Material:
    Body – rubber in accordance with ASTM D 2000 M2AC 710 A13E0 or plastic, in accordance with type MAI-60 of MIL-M-14.
  11. Part number: M2726/31-001.
  12. Electrical rating: 10-amperes, 125-volt.
  13. Contact finish: Silver plate.


Quality assurance shall be as specified in MIL-R-2726 and table I herein. The first article and quality conformance inspections shall consist of the inspections as specified in table 1, in the order shown .

TABLE I. First article and quality conformance inspection.
Inspection Requirement Test method First
Examination 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 4.6.1 X X
Insulation resistance 3.5.1 4.7.1 X X
Dielectric withstanding voltage 3.5.2 4.7.2 X X
Contact resistance X X
Uncoupling force 3.5.6 4.7.6 X X
Endurance 3.5.5 4.7.5 X  
Mechanical abuse 3.5.8 4.7.8 X  
Ball drop impact 3.5.15 4.7.15 X  
Uncoupling force 3.5.6 4.7.6 X  
Salt spray 3.5.11 4.7.11 X  
Contact resistance X  
Current load 3.5.12 4.7.12 X  
Vibration 3.5.9 4.7.9 X  
Shock 3.5.10 4.7.10 X  
Dielectric withstanding voltage 3.5.2 4.7.2 X  
Strain relief 3.5.7 4.7.7 X  
Rockwell hardness 3.5.14 4.7.14 X  


FSC 5935


Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited


Preparing activity: Navy - SH (Project 5935-N255-32)

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