Plug Connectors

Navy Type


 Single Pole, 125 Volt, 40 Ampere

For use with female jack, type H-16A

These plugs are furnished with an oil resistant synthetic rubber body and a silver plated brass contact, slotted for increased pressure when engaged.

Cable conductor hole 3/8" diameter, designed for solder attaching Navy Type SRI-26(49) cable, 26,250 circular mills. Cable not included. May be furnished in Black or Red.

Drawing NSN Symbol Color
MIL-R-2726/33 5935-00-196-2293 1214.5 Black
5935-00-283-4007 1214.2 Red
MIL-R-2726/34 5935-00-196-2292 1214.4 Black
5935-00-280-2379 1214.3 Red

Supersedes drawing 9000-S6202-73339

For use with male jack, type H-16B

Single Pole, 125 Volt, 10 Ampere

For use with female jack, type J-3

Furnished in molded plastic body – silver plated brass contact, slotted.

Drawing NSN Symbol Color
MIL-R-2726/30 5935-00-197-4948 727.1 Black
5935-00-280-2389   Red

Double Pole, 125 Volt, 10 Ampere

For use with female jack, type J-3, if in multiple.

10 ampere fittings may be furnished in gray color molded of melamine resin.

Drawing NSN Symbol Color
MIL-R-2726/31 5935-00-375-5640 729.1 Gray

Supersedes drawing 9000-S6202-73481

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